We love making custom jewelry for nice people.

My parents, Sam & Maryann, started Personalized Boutique in 1979.
We're originally from Queens NY, but have been living in South Florida for over 30 years.
When the temperature drops below 70 degrees, we think it's cold.

Winter: Queens, NY
Winter: Miami, FL

Our little family-run business was going along nicely making personalized name jewelry for our South Florida clientele, until a little show called Sex and the City and a little thing called the internet came along.
Now, our fab designs are available to people all over the world, and our creations have been featured in such magazines as InStyle, Cosmopolitan, CosmoGirl and People, and on such television shows as The Today Show, South Beach Tow, Ugly Betty, Canada's Celebrity Look-A-Like and VH1's Sex and the City Special!

We're STILL family owned and operated; and even though we're big jewelry celebrities now we will still answer your emails and return your phone calls .

And because we understand you might be nervous about ordering jewelry online, we offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on ALL of our jewelry, INCLUDING custom orders!

Sam: Founder 1927-1993 R.I.P.
Maryann: Bookkeeper, Matriarch

Elisa and Cori
Elisa & Cori: Packing & Shipping
Samantha: Packing & Shipping

Hector: Jeweler, Curmudgeon
Rob: Vice-President of Everything